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*SiLent FeaR*
"Are You Live Alive"
"Quantum Human Theory"

 1. Death At The End - All Of Ever

 2. Insane In Sanity Anity

 3. The Seed In-Side 

 4. Are You Live Alive

 5. The Lightning Man Song  Brand New!

Silent Fear Album
Track 1. The Lightning Man

Track 2. Live Alive Live

Track 3. Infinite Mystery of When Speed Kills

Track 4. Death At The End all of ever  - The Instrumental

Track 5. Evil of Evil is Evil of god - Extra Track (Must Purchase Album To Hear)

About This Album

SiLent FeaR
"Inter-Enter Course"

    01. The Seed Inside   - The Instrumental

    02. Spread Thee Legs 

    03. Silent Sound Of Birth

All music is the sole property and was created by the artist within the project called "Silent Fear" by J.Michael Piper

J.MichaelPiper-SilentFear™©2018 All Rights Reserved
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A Solo Artist Music Project
A Solo Artist Music Project
SiLent FeaR
This Is A Solo Metal Music Project
The Artist Is Doing All The Instrument Playing And Singing, Recording, Engineering, Mixing And Producing  Of The Album Himself.
What Artist Has The Talent To Do This?
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 1'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 2'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 3'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 4'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
Below Is A Collection Of Drum Shots People In My Audience Took And Were Kind Enough To Give Me A Copy So I have Made Them Into Art!
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These new songs above are going to be part of the newest album which is still in the process of creation. These songs are the rough drafts, not the final cut versions. The songs are still being engineered and mixed for finishing by the Artist.