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I am John Michael Piper

I feel this is something that should be shared with everyone!

here are just a fraction of the compliments of what people from more than 160 countries

have written and expressed about my Creations of artwork, designs, screen savers and videos

on my newly re-named website at





Here's the letter I got from American Association Of Webmasters:


Congratulations John M Piper,


Your website at http://www.animatemotions.com/ has been selected to receive the American Association Of Webmasters "Site Of The Month" Award. Your website displays beautiful graphics and freebies for all to enjoy. We have listed a FULL PAGE dedication page for your website of the month. Your listing will remain on our site of the month dedication page for 1 full month!

Below is a special award graphic you may proudly display on your website, as we only give this award out once a month out of thousands of applications received each month.

Again, Congratulations on your award winning website.  Please link the graphic to the American Association Of Webmasters at: www.aawembasters.com


Best Regards,


Donna Snyder, CEO

American Association Of Webmasters

World's Top Web Award

Member of The Better Business Bureau

Rated 4.5 with Award sites!






Hi John,


       I got to your website at http://www.animatemotions.com/ through your pogo profile, we played a couple of games of pool. My name is Lynnett, and I have been a striving artist since I was knee high to a grasshopper, in fact I think maybe my mothers womb may look somewhat like a pictorial cave (sorry bout the weird sense of humor, but it just surfaces without warning)  I just wanted to tell you that I am truly amazed with your website, your art and your outlook on life. You are truly one of a kind and you deserve all the awards that you have or may receive. I have struggled with being my own worst critic for sometime now. I dabble in a little of everything from pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, oil etc....... plus do beadwork and sculptures, but have never really thought my art was good enough to sell, kind of a block that I have a hard time getting over.  But your comment about how you appreciate art whether it is good or bad, just because it shows you have tried, could never be truer.  And I thank you for that comment, because it gave me a sense of encouragement and well being. Keep up the awesome work you are doing, get lost, be free and most of all live life.


Thank you,








Hi John,


I've had renders go 600+ hours so I know what you mean... But many people don't know that after you create you still have to render the image...

You do some outstanding digital work


Thomas Broadfoot

Site Admin

FARorg - sharing art to the world





John M. Piper,


We wanted to let you know that our staff has reviewed your portfolio and has selected one of your images [Rising Sun Morning] as today's featured image.

Your name and artwork will appear on our homepage throughout the day (01/24/07) for tens of thousands of ArtWanted.com visitors to see. You will be able to see your artwork displayed in the top right corner of http://www.artwanted.com within an hour of this e-mail.

We congratulate you on your talent and hope this brings you some additional exposure to your artwork. Thanks for being a member of ArtWanted.com!


ArtWanted.com Staff

[email protected]


PS - Don't be surprised if your portfolio hits jump several thousands

today, this is what normally happens when a featured image is selected.





From: Emily Reed













November 2010


Hi John,


Wow, great site. I love the artwork, I really like the dragon's eye. I was wondering if I could use that eye as wallpaper on my phone, I will pay you whatever it costs. Let me know.






June 2010


Hi John,


Wow , you have a lot of work on your hands with that site. Maybe you shouldn't change it every day, your making it tough on yourself. Maybe go for once a week or month or something like that. But YES! I do think you should keep it going. It's awesome. I wish I could afford something like this site even some of your works, but not in this lifetime... don't get me wrong...your prices are awesome, but I am a struggling artist too so you can understand this I'm sure! Keep up the AWESOME work tho!









December 2010


Hi there John,


Wow the story (Ship Of Death) is as haunting as the artwork! You do an amazing job on all of your art. It will be wonderful framed and displayed. Put me on that growing list of admirers of your work. I'm sure you have many more to come.

Hagr8 night syl







Dec 4, 2010, 6:08:01 PM

POSTED BY: Ruth Sears




Hi John,


You always more than please with your wonderful images! This one is breathtakingly beautiful! I love the rainbow circle on the right and the blue and green lights on the trees with the green glow mirrored in the house windows, super awesome job John, love it!!!!!






Hey John!!

Good to hear from you :) I went to check out your site and it's awesome!

You did a fantastic job, way to go!


Pearl Q.

Owner - Art n Skins.com






From: ~dollface1970

Date: Jan 20, 2007, 8:31 PM 


wow john this one is totally awesome , i love how you did that one , i remember reading up on mark twain in school , wow that takes me back a few years lol, you always have a way with words to describe your work i love how you do that , great work and keep it up , i am so proud of you and your work!


Kelly Gentile





Date: Jan 12, 2007  05:57 PM

From: Tom and Susan Repasky


  Johnny, this sky is beautiful in this image!! The lavender stars are excellent, with the rolling fog along the water! I love everything about this one! The story is wonderful! I felt like that once upon a time at the Fillmore West!! Terrific 3D rendering!!







May 16, 2005, 12:40:46 PM

on Ship of Death:


Hi John,


While browsing through the 3D wallpapers section looking for a new desktop background, this one caught my eye in particular. Fantastic work, the ship itself looks perfectly eiree, and the land around it, and sky looks great too. This looks fantastic; I may well use it for my desktop.







Dec 9, 2006, 9:07:29 PM


Hi John,


Lovely work! Reminds me of my 'youth' (back when 'fire' and 'the wheel were invented). Used to ice skate across frozen lakes, play hockey on frozen, local farm ponds, go ice fishing and skiing. Love winter! My best to you and yours, kind soul. PEACE. Card. Thanks for ALL your wonderful artworks the past year. MUCH appreciated. I operate on the theory that if I 'download' someone's stuff, I 'comment' on it…a common courtesy. WINK. My best to you and yours,







From: Gina Hoover

Date: Dec 24, 2008 01:56 (PST)


Hi John,


         Texted you earlier, just visited your website at http://www.animatemotions.com/ . Pretty cool, more than I've ever done! Lots going on there, huh? Well, lots of pictures anyways...I'm not trying to put you down or anything, your creations are really extravagant, but as I was tabbing thru the freedownloads I was thinking ..."would be neat if these were like those hidden objects pictures!" There is certainly a LOT of terrain to hide other pictures in! That would make it FUN! - just a thought, from no one really, oh and are you planning on adding animation to your creative skills? Have you heard of 4D or magic eyes pics where they look like a bunch of smeared spots until your stare past the picture and let your eyes cross and BAM! all of a sudden you can actually see the 3-d images pop off the paper? It's really neat and looks hard to do, but I was just wondering if anyone knew how they do them...Great design work on your website!

Keep it up! Well ok. Aloha & Mahalo for your time, have a good one!


~ Gina Hoover





Jun 23, 2006, 3:21:01 AM

on Passage of the Dead:


If that's the passage I'll be taking on the way to complete death, I'm going to be the happiest dead woman that died. That is beautiful! I can picture myself floating alongside my beloved as we cross over...I just got a drawing idea!











IMAGE TITLE: Pirates Treasure Island III

POSTED BY: Michael Goddard



COMMENT: Although the mighty and powerful lightning took out all that were in sight, one got away with more treasure than he would ever be able to use. Sitting on his sunny beach sipping long cool drink things with umbrellas sticking out of them and counting his doubloons....


Great stuff as usual John M.


Michael Goddard









Hey John,

I work for Daz (artzone) so I'm able to do that kind of thing (add your work to the featured front page). Your picture will come up a couple times a week on the home page, so just watch for it! I'm excited to see more of your work! Let me know when you get it posted. Talk to you later!








IMAGE TITLE: Leaving Crystal Castle

POSTED BY: Christine Brand


COMMENT: BEAUTIFUL PLACE, DEEP THOUGHTS TO GO WITH THE IMAGE, sad melancholy beauty made of moonlight stars and fluid night... we give many of the movie stars and singers our money for entertainment, we make them rich by paying to view a fantasy or play, we have let those supposedly with a title have our money too,  we have made a cast society from the smallest amoeba to the highest flying eagle, put a level of value on things and not sharing, we all do it to a certain extent, ...sad we can not share not even in our dreams sometimes. but we could if everyone believed in love ...return to this Crystal Castle.

Fabulous story John Michael!!


Christine Brand







Hi John!


Ok, you twisted my arm... so I went to see your site, and it looks amazing all dressed up for Halloween!!! Great job!!! Personally, I love the name heading banner thingy - I'd keep it year-round, with a color change every once in a while. lol

   Your fav part, (I know it is!!!) Praises -

   Your Blue reflecting water and catch the planets - wow! I don't even wanna pick them apart enough to ask how the hell did you do that?! It's just awe-inspiring! Colors of a sunset is amazing. I don’t think I would ever have put those kind of colors into a fully rendered work for a sunset, and yet you pulled it off beautifully! All the directions - what program did you use for that?! that's definitely NOT Bryce! lol I LOVE the water, and the mountains are really cool too.

   I Have to say, outta the ones on that page, that and the catch the planets are my favs! I love the uniqueness of All Directions. I'd love to do crazy ass shit like that!!! (If you didn't already know, I love more obscure abstract, vs models of people or things.)


ok, ttyl, dude. keep up the amazing work!!!






I Do Thank You Everyone For Your

Generous And Kind Words Concerning My Work!

Your Time And Compassion Keeps The Ball Rolling For Me To Keep Creating! And I Don't Intend To Stop For Anything!

Have A Great Year And Feel Free To Come By Again Anytime!





J. Michael Piper

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