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The Sisteen Chapel
This is almost better than being there because you can see all the paintings up close without straining your neck. To see every part of Michaelangelo's Masterpiece just click the image above. Click and hold and move your mouse to move the view to where you want to and to zoom in closer, lower left corner (+ & -) Have Fun!
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   Here is the page where hopefully these links can lead you to websites that are really cool for art or humor or whatever we found that you as our customer might enjoy checking out.
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The Newest 3-D Virtual Moving Environment Gallery!Click The Picture Below To See This!
*The Newest 3-D Virtual Moving Environment Gallery!*
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When you click here to see the 3D Virtual Gallery It is #61 on the list of galleries at the website!
*Links To Other Cool Websites*

Cool panoramic pages! - You Just Gotta See This Stuff!
A Singular Creation (ASC) is a free online art community that promotes and showcases all types of art and artists.
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This is Amazing! You just gotta check this out!
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You can listen to the Hottest Metal Bands On The Internet!
You can listen to the Hottest Metal Bands On The Internet!
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