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"Quantum Human Theory"

 1. Are You Live Alive

 2. Insane In Sanity

 3. The Seed In-Side 

 4. Silent Sound Of Birth

 5. Take My Jacket Off Right Now  

 6. The Lightning Man Song 

 7. Speed Kills

 8. Human Mechanics

 9. Death At The End - All Of Ever

10. Devil of Evil Is Evil of God

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A Solo Artist Music Project
This Is A Solo Metal Music Project
The Artist Is Doing All The Instrument Playing And Singing, Recording, Engineering, Mixing And Producing  Of The Album Himself.
What Artist Has The Talent To Do This?
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 1'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 2'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 3'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 4'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
Below Is A Collection Of Drum Shots People In My Audience Took And Were Kind Enough To Give Me A Copy So I have Made Them Into Art!
These Are Videos That Are Presently On The Artists YouTube Page. Enjoy!

These new songs above are part of the newest album. These songs are purposely created 'Imperfect' because I don't want them to be perfect...that's what everybody does, but I'm not doing that.
So take a listen to my Not-Perfect-Songs and email your feedback.
*PiperSins Quantum Human Theory:

Quantum: A discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.
Human: A species of mammal, omnivorous and at home is top of the food chain in all aspects of its existence.
Theory: A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.

  When there was nothing, there was something and the nothing became nowhere. The nowhere contained particles, which were hydrogen and helium and the boson. Then after an infinite amount of time, it was as it was...but then came a point of which time itself wanted to live. It was at that very moment when the three random particles met for the first time. They we all in the same place but were only neighbors and had not had the luck to cross paths with each other. That is when randomness gained a slight variation in its molecular structure and ever so slightly tilted on a blank wave, but enough of a tilt so that some of the heavier particles were by gravity pulled and pushed together. At that very point, the three neighbors met. And it was an explosive meet because these three atoms caused a reaction in each other that was random and of course accidental. But nonetheless they met...and a great Big Bang Explosion then occurred, and that bang was so explosive it began expanding exponentially outward at the speed of light. Our known Universe Was Born. This happened about fourteen billion years ago. Somewhere in this brand new place an entity began living. Time was born. And having enough time makes anything that can be impossible, possible. Somewhere deep in the created Universe there lays a magnitude of particles that have met and they began multiplying at the speed of light...an infinite amount of multiple entities were being created, but there by a random act, one of those particles had been fused with another that was so compatible that between the two created their own unique specimen and of the two, one entity became pregnant...basically, When the entity began multiplying doubling itself the way cells work, one splits into two, then into four and then eight then sixteen and so on. The universal seed inside became fertilized with star dust from exploding stars called supernova. So this cell has been as I call it, pregnant for ten billion years. Now the cell is getting close to giving birth to something. What could this vast accumulation of stars be giving birth to? In space only a silent sound of birth will be heard and no one and nothing will be listening. The birthing will take place and it will begin growing at the speed of light. After only a very short span of time, in the deep, dark vacuum of space this growing power has something to look forward to and the entity will be known most likely as some kind of fantastic entity...it will become what was thought of to have already existed, but only now, in this day and time, this entity is discovered by a living, breathing mass of specimens that are in great abundance, living and inhabiting a very small part of a solar system, on a big round rock known by the organisms that occupied that rock or what has been named as a planet called Earth. Among all the 8 billion human organisms on that planet, there is one who is writing this story here and now, and applying it to a body of multiple sounds, that in unison, those organisms that can appreciate the entire string or medley of those sounds simply love to listen to and live and breathe. And that ever growing body of power that recently came into being decides to follow the sound it hears to where it originates and will have to join as one with it. There is no prophecy. No telling of the coming of this entity. The organisms that occupy that planet will know when or even if that entity decides they are a worthy species for that entity to attach itself to. Time will tell...but mostly how that race called human beings, functions so that they deserve such a greatness to help them prosper in great abundance and possibly extend their lifetimes and fix them to be perfect, unlike they are at the present time...
This all makes sense when you think of the history of mankind, and the one true measure, which is time, must transcend time and space...and when it arrives, everyone will come to understand why it is here, now…but the humans must improve themselves far beyond what their course is at this time...and only then will there be actual scientific evidence that will be true and proven fact, and what the humans will most likely name as...God.

In the way of the world of science and physics and all the mechanics of quantum and all the theories, the only one that makes sense to me is the based quantum mechanics behind the people who listen to my music and love what I'm creating and doing, love the sound I'm making and understand that I love you guys for what you do for me, and just even paying attention to what I'm doing is a very satisfying feeling. I'm not making this album or songs to try to "Get Famous" or something...I've actually never dreamed of fame. I am just trying to emulate into music what I feel in myself. As the drummer in many bands that I've been in all throughout my life, I've never had the feelings I get being able to create my own music. Usually the guitarists and the singer write the music and I was just the beat and so was the bass, we were the spark that lit the music they wrote up, but now that I'm doing all the parts of the music plus recording it and doing my best to master the sound I'm making, I see music in so many ways, but without ever losing the love to play it and make it feel, so that those that don't play but are my listeners can feel it too...and my attempt to bring back substance to music is something so many have left out of what they consider music. Music is the greatest thing we can make and we should never forget that we are the human that has been evolution built through time and mechanics.

The Album
*Quantum Human Theory*

J.Michael Piper

J.Michael Piper-PiperSins © 2018 All Rights Reserved
The Story Of The Album
Quantum Human Theory
"Human Mechanics"
"Slay The Beast"
The Album Is Completed

  1. Demons and Monsters

  2. Kill Me Now

  3. A Silent Death Kiss

  4. A Bloody Response

  5. Crushing The Beast

  6. Demon President

  7. Revolution Overdue 

  8. Dreams of the Piper

  9. Slay The Beast - Title Track

10. Through The Bone

11. Inside The Slayer - Bonus Track

***You can see alot more of my involvement with my new album on one of the best music websites on the internet...and that is at my page on the Drooble Website at this link, just click and you can read my interview, alot of details about my album as well as listen to all the songs on this political concept album where all the songs are about what kind of criminal we have as president of my country...that's how dedicated I am to seeing to his removal from the White House and placed in The Big House (Prison).
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The Album Is Called
Check Out The Title Track On The New Album
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This is the decided album cover by votes and personal choice.
This is the artwork I created to make the decided album cover.
*Comments On PiperSins Music*
From: Christian Verhoeven
Special kind of metal, love it!
You're welcome Piper and really a great composition!!!
Sep 9, 2018
From: The Digital Hippie
Love this track! Sounds like it could of come from a 70's Progressive Rock concept album!
Apr 28, 2018
From: Jim Gibson-Cranch
Nearly skipped this track because of the intro, but glad i held on for the main part, very, very awesome!
May 28, 2018