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New Album

*PiperSins New Political Concept Album

"Slay The Beast"

​*PiperSins Music Is Created To Be Imperfect On Purpose*

Being the drummer in more than 30 bands in my life, 3 serious ones lasting more than 4 years, all the music we played, wrote and recorded was always perfect when the final mix was done, pretty much like every band has done since music began, but all of the music I helped create with all those bands...nothing ever came from it. So after alot of thinking, I got an idea...I decided that this round, since this is my solo project, I'm playing and recording everything and doing the entire production process myself, I made a choice to produce my music wanting to purposely make it imperfect. Many people have said "They love my music" and that's so cool, and it's just what I've heard and read from many people listening and then commenting on my music. But, then they say what they believe is wrong with it, and that's exactly what I want to hear. That's when I have to explain why it's like that and that it's all "Imperfect on Purpose" ...and that's why I'm creating exactly imperfect music...That Is My Brand, "PiperSins Imperfect On Purpose Metal". For instance to put you in my shoes, here is a perspective..."It's like, take a diamond, such a beautiful stone with great brilliance and is cut and is perfect in every way. It's worth alot of money. Now take a diamond that has a very slight imperfection, it makes it even more valuable and worth alot more money, and that's because of the imperfection that makes it unique". So now you all can see and understand my style and my reason to create "PiperSins Imperfect Heavy Metal". I'm different because I have a very slight imperfection, and that's exactly the way I want it.
Thanks for taking the time to read why I do what I do, and thanks for your interest in my project. Have a great day!

J.Michael Piper

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"Quantum Human Theory"

 1. Are You Live Alive

 2. Insane In Sanity

 3. The Seed In-Side 

 4. Silent Sound Of Birth

 5. Take My Jacket Off Right Now  

 6. The Lightning Man Song 

 7. Speed Kills

 8. Human Mechanics

 9. Death At The End - All Of Ever

10. Devil of Evil Is Evil of God

J.MichaelPiper-PiperSins™©2018 All Rights Reserved
AnimateMotions.Com™PiperSins™©2019 J.MichaelPiper All Rights Reserved
A Solo Artist Music Project
This Is A Solo Metal Music Project
The Artist Is Doing All The Instrument Playing And Singing, Recording, Engineering, Mixing And Producing  Of The Album Himself.
What Artist Has The Talent To Do This?
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 1'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 2'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 3'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
'Smokin Drum Solo -No. 4'
A Collection Of Drum Shots
Below Is A Collection Of Drum Shots People In My Audience Took And Were Kind Enough To Give Me A Copy So I have Made Them Into Art!
These Are Videos That Are Presently On The Artists YouTube Page. Enjoy!

These new songs above are part of the newest album. These songs are purposely created 'Imperfect' because I don't want them to be perfect...that's what everybody does, but I'm not doing that.
So take a listen to my Not-Perfect-Songs and email your feedback.
"Human Mechanics"
"Slay The Beast"
The Album Is Completed

  1. Demons and Monsters

  2. Kill Me Now

  3. A Silent Death Kiss

  4. A Bloody Response

  5. Crushing The Beast

  6. Demon President

  7. Revolution Overdue 

  8. Dreams of the Piper

  9. Slay The Beast - Title Track

10. Through The Bone

11. Inside The Slayer - Bonus Track

***You can see alot more of my involvement with my new album on one of the best music websites on the internet...and that is at my page on the Drooble Website at this link, just click and you can read my interview, alot of details about my album as well as listen to all the songs on this political concept album where all the songs are about what kind of criminal we have as president of my country...that's how dedicated I am to seeing to his removal from the White House and placed in The Big House (Prison).
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PiperSins™©2019 J.Michael Piper
All Rights Reserved
This Album Is Called
The whole album is based on my dislike and hate towards President Trump!
Every single song is about or concerning Trump and dethroning him!
This Website Has
This is the decided album cover by votes and personal choice.
This is the artwork I created to make the decided album cover.
*Comments On PiperSins Music*
From: Christian Verhoeven
Special kind of metal, love it!
You're welcome Piper and really a great composition!!!
Sep 9, 2018
From: The Digital Hippie
Love this track! Sounds like it could of come from a 70's Progressive Rock concept album!
Apr 28, 2018
From: Jim Gibson-Cranch
Nearly skipped this track because of the intro, but glad i held on for the main part, very, very awesome!
May 28, 2018
New Album Has Started
and it's called
The Songs:
Track  1. King Knights and Squires
Track  2. Crater Impact
Track  3. Metal Eyes And Hands
Track  4. Save Yourself
Track  5. Don't Believe In Liars
Track  6. Die Rising Death
Track  7. Biblical Rage - Almost Finished!
Track  8. 
Track  9. 
Track 10. 

The Collection 24
All The Songs As Instrumentals