"Sex In Heaven"


*Heaven is supposed to be the place where those of us that have been good and right and just toward our fellow human beings, are bound to end up, a place where our spirit can live forever in a comfortable state, where we can watch over our loved ones who are still alive. But there is a question I have, even though I'm more of a science mind believing that when it's over and done, then that is all there is, but the question is, of the human emotions and feelings we have, the most powerful that we ever experience is fear, sadness and depression, but at the top of the list is orgasm that comes from a powerful sexual release. And to me, that is heavenly! So it makes me wonder that if when we die and there is a heavenly plane where we go to spend an eternity in, is there sex in heaven? Or at least what the orgasm brings, something of an equal feeling effect that could only be heavenly...kind of makes you wonder...


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