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Spanky was born in 1994 and many of these cartoons have been created since that time and were designed to look like the artist that creates them.
Have A Great Laugh!
"I Used My Hand For Her"
"Sweaty Petty"
"God Talk"
Spanky's Paddle
"ATM Drive Up"
"You Might Be From California 3"
"Dead People
"Amish Mormons"
"You Might Be From California 2"
"Grow Your Own"
"Go Too Far"
"Call Me Safety"
"Hungry Horse"
"Air Sex"
"Homeless Drop"
"Watermelon Instructions"
"Push A Button"
"The Boob Grower"
"Pink Eraser"
"I Used My Hand For Her"

This is my first attempt at animating my cartoon. It's a basic form of animation, but animated nonetheless.
I hope you enjoy my work!

J.Michael Piper
Spanky's Paddle

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