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   My name is John and most people know me by J.Michael Piper. I am the artist and the owner of this Art & Music website. Everything you see and read and hear on this site was created by me. I hire no one to do for me what I can figure out and do for myself. I have many gifts, one is that I can usually figure out and master the task faster than for someone to teach me how to do it. That has served me well through the years. I still went to school because it seems to be an ordered activity society demands we all do. I know why it really happens, and that is to see how much intelligence we either have or don't have. The don't have's, don't have anything to worry about, the government loves dumb people. They're easy to control, and that's about oh, 98% of the country...however, the have's or the other two percent are about 1% rich and wealthy and dumb, 1/10th of 1% are wealthy and smart and capitalistically cruel to the entire world we live in...and the last 9/10th's of the population are extremely intelligent, highly creative and the best people on the planet. I believe I am somewhere within that 9/10th's...and that seems to be easy to speak, for I've heard it from so many, for so long, so I'm very much confident in myself and know myself well enough to control myself. I do not need anyone or any government controlling my actions or thoughts.
   I'm going to tell you a little story...
​When I was a child around the age of five, my grandmother who was such a kind and generous woman had a job at the local bowling alley/recreation center and served as the babysitter for all the children whose parents bowled in leagues at night at the center, even me she took care of because my parents bowled there. Grandma Mabel was her name. Now that job of taking care of children takes a very patient person and really knows how to handle kids and with her it seemed second nature to her and she made it seem so easy...but one night, I can remember so vividly as if it happened yesterday...
​There seemed to be more than the normal amount of kids she was used to handling and the kids were being uncontrollable and screaming and it was sounding like what I could picture at the psycho ward on a Friday night...and I could see her stress level rising as I watched her quietly from where I was sitting...but when I started to see that stress beginning to hurt her, that was it. I was not going to just sit there and watch all these little human horror kids hurt my grams...So I quickly made a plan. I got up and grabbed some white blank paper and a black crayon. I went and sat at the little table and sketched out the heads of Mickey Mouse and Pluto, the Disney characters. I had practiced drawing them and they came out perfect every time to the point I could draw Mickey's head in thirty seconds. So then I took the two pieces of paper with one head of Mickey on one sheet, and Pluto on the other. Then I ran down the bowling alley to where the offices of the place were, and I asked the guy if I could use his Xerox machine to make some copies of my cartoon I drew. He looked at the two papers and said "Wow, I am impressed! These are really good!" He told me to go ahead and make as many copies as I wanted...I made about twenty copies of each one. Then I ran back to "The Playroom" and in the midst of all the screaming, I grabbed a little stool, put it in the center of the room, got up on it and screamed, "Hey you bunch of kids, shut up and listen!" Dead silence. I said to them next, "Come and sit and make a big circle around me." They all did just that. I went and grabbed the big baskets of crayons and put them in front of them, there were four big Easter type baskets full of crayons. I then said, "Now this is what you're all going to do..." As I started passing out to each kid a picture copy of either Mickey or Pluto to every child and then said, "Now, I made these pictures just for you to see who can color My Pictures the best!" Well they all started grabbing crayons and got busy. I then looked over at my grams, and she was smiling at me and whispered a "Thank you Johnny" to me. I could see she was not stressed out any more and my little mission was a success and it made me feel good that I helped my grams feel better, but it also changed my life. I now knew exactly what I was going to do for the rest of my life. It's at that very when I became an Artist and a Creator...

   And I have been doing that ever since...

   So I've been creating original art and digital art for the last 45+ years. From my ortho-chrome oils on canvas to my gigantic watercolor pastels on paper to the ingenious creation of computer generated digital rendering of graphic design and animation on the computer. This website has been online for about eight (8) years now. My CG (computer-generated) artworks have been downloaded by more than three million people from more than 165 countries world-wide. AnimateMotions.Com was awarded 'Website of the Month' from "TheAmericanAssociationOfWebmasters.Com, as well as received two 'Bronze' awards from "TheWorldWideWebAwards.Com", as well as various other awards I've received for my creations. My web designs have received many positive comments from a great many people it has impressed even me. They've stated that they were impressed and amazed when they visited this website and saw my artworks and animations and even my music compositions. I have loved every minute that I can create, and I even have a personal quote, "The Vision Of My Work Is To Create Something From Nothing, Because That Means Everything To Me. I live for my work, and I want my work to live for me...forever if at all possible". I will create until the day I die. There is no such thing as retirement for the caliber of energy and passion I possess. I love life and everything in it and about it, so much so that I knew I had to even go to school and get that "Piece of paper", The degree, for anything to matter in this world what I do. I went to a design college in Pasadena, California and got my MDA in 2006. Multi-Media Web and Digital Design were my majors. I graduated at the top of his class and I was also the oldest student in my class at 38 years of age.
   And now...
To the other side of the website, the music...I have also been a professional drummer for more than twenty five (25) years but I've been playing music since the age of seven (7) years old where I started off as a violinist. I was taking lessons from a teacher who was the first seat violinist in the world famous Philharmonic Orchestra as well as beginning to create art at that age also. I have since my youth played with more than 35 different bands over the course of my career, with three serious and lengthy in time...and with one, my last band, "Pro-Test", with who we toured with Guns n Roses on the world famous bands "Use Your Illusions II Tour" and that was the biggest thing I've ever did and as far as I was able to get pertaining to fame and financial success. "It was the experience of a lifetime!" 
And that's about all I can really tell for now! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to find out about my life and times and about my lifetime career.
I enjoy sharing all that I create with the world because I believe everyone should share in that of which I was given a talent to do. 


J. Michael Piper

"Thank You...I appreciate you taking the time to visit my website. Have a great day!"

A Picture I took With Dick Clark while working as an extra on a t.v. movie
This was an ABC Movie of the Week 'The Town Bully' I worked on with Bruce Boxlietner...The Same with Dick Clark
This is me doing the infamous 'Cross-Up' on the Shadow Glen Track at Indian Dunes in Valencia, California 1981
I was racing a couple guys just for fun...I kicked their heinies!!
My friend Robert Holingsworth and I found a great jump behind Indian Dunes in a riverwash...Boing!
This is my two step brothers and I rafting down The Snake River in Idaho...Mark almost didn't make it!
My Keanu Reeves look-a-like photo!
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These images below are just some of my activities through the years.
Me At 1 Year Old
1981 My High School Picture
My U.S. Air Force Basic Picture
And lastly for now, my Battle of the Bands Picture 1999 Las Vegas, Nev at Legends.
This is my as of today, July 2013
My Mama on Mothers Day 2008 - Rest In Peace Mama...I miss you.
The Pictures On The Right Side Of This Page As Well As These Above Are A Few Personable Photos That Are From The Life Of The Artist Of This Website.

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