"Tsunami - The Last Woman"


*There are women who live on those tropical islands when raging storms at sea cross their paths and the huge tsunami styled waves that crash and wash over them, sometimes wiping everyone right out the temples and even fatally wounding women of the island or washing them out to sea...sure doesn't sound like a fun wave to catch and hang 10 on! Well to those that live on any of those storms ravaged islands and must endure those hardships, may they be able to get over them when they do happen! I hope we don't loose many when this happens...


Image Model Information


Models Name: Zayzona

Estimated Age: 24

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blond

Height:  6ft 6in

Weight:  180 lbs.

Breast size: C

Measurements: 36-26-33

Country: Amazonia

Ethnicity: Amazon


Likes: Spear Throwing, Karate', Horses, the Planet

Dislikes: Not having any men around, Want's to know more about sex, but can't.


Turn Ons: Freedom, Femdom, Her Pets, a Rhino, A Horse and her Black Panther.


Turn Offs: No nice clothes, not having Any Clothes, Always wishing for Clothes.


Dream Date: 5 men that could be Charles Atlases, Dinner with them all in a nice French Restaurant, then an Amazon orgy, like the old days!


Bio:  Zayzona enjoys dancing traditional Ukrainian dances and wants to become a Queen. With her passion for movement, Zayzona doesn't like to stay in one place for a long time, she enjoys walking around her island meeting other women and challenging them to a javelin throw and having fun.



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