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PiperSins Album
"Slay The Beast"
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"Inside The Slayer"
This is The Cover
"Slay The Beast"
This is first insert describing why I have been compelled to create this political concept collection of songs aimed at an attempt to having the president of the USA removed from office and sent to prison for his tyrant criminal actions.
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This is second insert showing what all that I have done by myself to bring this powerful passion driven album to as many ears that can hear how highly motivated about wanting to see this unintelligent tyrant asshole put in prison for all his criminal actions that he has done against his own people.
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This is the back cover of the album which has all the song titles in the order of play and all the places where the album is listed where it can be purchased as well as all my sponsors.
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The Album
New Album

The New Album
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PiperSins...Because Everybody Sins Sometime In Their Life...
So Listen To My Music And Be Forgiven!

*Reality Annihilation* About The Album

This album of music is all about trying to cope with the realities of today by the artist creating music that speaks in a voice as loud as it can be heard saying to whoever can hear us, the people, crying out to put an end to our suffering brought on by the people who have taken everything away from us, all that we hold by what we care about the most in this world...and that is our peace and freedoms.
In life, reality can make you so extremely happy and content, but it can also rip your world to shreds in the blink of an eye. The world at present as it can be seen, is in such turmoil and that's because the quality of life is missing from our reality of how it has been when we as a people were much happier. The economic break down of reality that has been basically annihilated from our lives because of the current U.S. government administration. The president and his hired company who almost all have all been indicted on illegal and felony criminal charges and some are even serving prison sentences, they are all guilty of their crimes because of one person who they take orders from...the commander-in-chief, the leader of the free world, the president of the United States of America. How this person is still president is not known. What used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave has turned and is fast becoming the land of the poor and disillusioned and the home of the rich, wealthy elite who own it all.
That reality is The U.S.A. today and that reality is in desperate need of annihilation because the reality is not a united states or country, and many of us sure don't feel like Americans anymore...the country should be called the Un-United Land of the S.R.W (The Un-United Land of the Slaves to the Rich and Wealthy). And all that can really be said on that which needs to happen...a successful assassination needs to happen to the president, so that his destruction of this country can stop and its people can then attempt to repair one evil mans attempt to destroy it all.
This president has the same evil in him that is in all the people who have had great power in their hands and then corrupted it and themselves...Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein and many other tyrants that became dictators, and now that evil, that Satan, is alive again in the president of the U.S.A. today, right now.
Sometimes there is so much bad and evil in the world that is causing destruction and chaos and loss of love and loss of lives that something must happen to end all that strife and restricted madness, so that a new beginning could start again and hopefully with the Annihilation of the Reality that has taken over the country and its people, we can get some of those qualities of good and love and life back with as little loss of life as possible, by ending the evil corruption in one man.

J.Michael Piper
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The Collection 24
All The Songs As Instrumentals
"Don't Believe In Liars"
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